Alexa Chung for Maje

Alexa Chung is the face of our Fall/Winter 2012 campaign, shot by Glen Luchford.

The images are between dream and reality, evoking a cinematic aesthetic. Alexa embodies a modern heroine with style and charm. Elegant yet edgy, her attitude reflects a personality that is both glamorous and rock ‘n’ roll.
Shot during the early morning in Paris at the Porte des Lilas Metro station, the black and white images are reminiscent of stills from a 1960′s film.
The atmosphere is calm and the Metro is almost empty. Alexa sits on a folding seat, next to her is a dove in a delicate wire cage. She is dressed in a ruffled blouse and fitted coat, her foot on the edge of the seat and her elbow posed on her knee.
The signal sounds, the doors shut, and the train departs for its destination…

Photos: Maje

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